Youth and Peacebuilding

Uganda has the highest total number of young people in the world .With this program we intend to grow and increase number of young peace builders. The goal of this program is to raise new generation of leaders committed to positive change in themselves, their communities, and the world.

This program has two objectives that includes,

To train youth about peacebuilding, conflict analysis and resolution using peaceful means and mediation

To support several community based projects implemented directly by students inspired and trained by the program annually.

This program is implemented in communities to raise awareness about peacebuilding processes .Youth in schools and other institutions are trained on how to form peace building clubs and after trainings they a given title of peace Ambassadors in their communities . We train youth on peaceful means to resolve conflicts and mediation to enhance youth’s meaningful participation and build sustainable peace.

This program builds sustainable inclusive infrastructure for peace centered on ownership. Offering a unique entry point to access local peacebuilding expertise, we facilitate multistakeholder engagements that explore and promote innovative ways increasing accessible manner.

Youth are also trained in elections and this is aimed at promoting peaceful elections. Youth are encouraged to take up leadership position by offering themselves as candidates, election observers and monitors and all this is done to reduce electoral related violence.

The program was initiated after recognizing the UN security council on 2250 on youth peace and security that was passed in Dec 2015.We recognize the potential and positive contributions of youth to peace and security and provide overall guidance of young people to participate in decision making    .This program works on imagination principle ,Imagine a world where violent conflicts does not erupt ,because the root causes of conflicts are addressed early ,imagine world where local pea builders are able to build sustainable peace in their communities because they have access to flexible funding .Imagine a world where local peacebuilders operate in thriving civic space and take joint action for peace ,this world be more peaceful and that what empowers our work.


This program targets youth to empower them with income generating skills.

Its goal is to create strong profitable and sustainable youth owned business and enterprises by providing them with access to information, opportunities and resources.

The program empowers youth with two components

Youth saving clubs

In this program youth a trained on how to form investment clubs where they save money and invest together .This program helps youth to access financial services when they need at low interest rates.PBC believes in group work as this makes access to resources easy as group compared to when you’re an individual .

Youth for vocational skills

This component is aimed at providing practical education and tools that support entrepreneurs to design leading successful business ventures. Youth are given vocational training that equips them with skills to earn a living .These skills are in field of agriculture, carpentry and brick laying. Youth are trained to use farming as a business to earn improve their lives.

Environmental protection.

This program mission is to mobilize and inspire youth to stop degradation of the natural environment and build communities resilient to the impacts of climate change. We recognize the need for behavioural change, innovations and enhanced access to information among young people which is crucial in determining the future of this planet .Peacebuilders coalition believes that where the environment is destroyed ,there is no peace .Therefore this program is aimed at protecting the environment from destruction .PBC supports the SDGs for climate action which is goal number 13 and renewable energy which is goal number 7.We work with schools /institutes , prison farms and factories since research shows that they are the biggest consumers of fuel wood in Uganda .Through partnerships ,PBC works with many stakeholders to plant trees as many as possible and participate in all  environmental protection and restoration programs .

In this program a lot of advocacy is done through engaging different authorities like NEMA and NFA .PBC organizes dialogues, writes opinion articles, runs social media campaigns, letters and petitions all aimed at environmental protection.

Inclusive education

PBC believes that education is agent of change in any society .This program aims at ensuring all students are at school regardless of their status .PBC helps vulnerable groups of students to access scholarships ,equips students in school with current information in the education sector as this helps them  to make informed decisions .In this program PBC carries out career guidance to students annually in  primary and secondary schools as this motivates and encourages students  to read hard and attain higher levels of learning .


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