Peace Builders Coalition is a youth –led organization located in Ntungamo district. Peace Builders Coalition undertakes public policy research and advocacy to influence young people to meaningfully participate in leadership and peacebuilding processes. The organization runs four programs that include youth and peacebuilding, entrepreneurship, environmental protection, and inclusive education. The organization was born on efforts to mobilize youth in Uganda to meaningfully contribute to peacebuilding and sustainable development. These efforts were as a result of the Coalition for Action on 1325-CoACT to increase young people contributing to leadership, democracy, and peacebuilding processes.  Through research, advocacy, and community education, PBC works with local-level leaders, community structures to promote inclusiveness, mediation, leadership among youth, and peaceful co-existence readmore

Our Programs


Uganda has the highest total number of young people in the world .With this program we intend to grow and increase number of young peace builders.


This program targets youth to empower them with income generating skills. Its goal is to create strong profitable and sustainable youth owned business and enterprises by providing them with access to information, opportunities and resources.

Environmental protection

This program mission is to mobilize and inspire youth to stop degradation of the natural environment and build communities resilient to the impacts of climate change.

Inclusive education

PBC believes that education is agent of change in any society .This program aims at ensuring all students are at school regardless of their status

Ongoing Projects

1. Increasing inclusiveness of youth participation in electoral processes

2. Great lakes youth network for peace and dialogue

3. Increasing the meaningful participation of young people in leadership and peacebuilding for sustainable peace

4 . Forest for nature

5. Education for All

News & Updates

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